How to select and order customized uniform t.shirts for your employees?

The uniforms represent your company’s image. So you should take enough care while selecting them.

First, your employees should like the t.shirts that you are going to give them. Then only they will use them everyday.

You can get the necessary guidance and ideas from the leaders of custom t.shirts making ‘SK T.Shirts’.

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What are the important points we should note when selecting uniform t.shirts?

1. Fabric of the t.shirts: The t.shirts are available in many types of fabrics. They are cotton, poly-cotton, blended fabrics, polyester or jersey etc.

Depending upon our business or usage we have to select the fabric.

Learn more about the making of the t.shirts by talking with SK T-shirts and then decide on the right t.shirts.

2. Style: Many models or styles are available in customized t.shirts. Correct selection of model is important, as it will reflect the image of the company or business. So we have to select the right type of t.shirts like Polo or collar t.shirts or round neck t-shirts. For Fun and recreation type of industries like theme parks we can use normal round neck t.shirts. For food delivery or other delivery business, collar t-shirts will be good. Hoodies/sweat shirts can be used for casinos, game studios, parlors etc.

Please check out ‘Products’ section of SK T.shirts for various models and styles of custom t.shirts.

3. Colors of the t-shirts:  The color should go with the house colors or logo colors of the business. We should use good and attractive t.shirts colors in tune with the industry also. For example: food delivery or restaurant chains prefer red color. As Red is the most preferred color all over the world for food related businesses. Likewise resorts and farmhouses we can use green as it represents nature. Look out ‘gallery’ section for more images of t.shirts to know how different industries use colors.

4. Printing of the Logo and Name on the t.shirts:

We are going to use customized t.shirts to develop a unity among employees. The public and our customers will come to know about our business or services through the uniform only. So we should be careful in printing the name and logos. We should print them at the appropriate places with correct sizes and colors.

You can get more details on various points about the above points at FAQS section of SK T-Shirts.

On the whole, it is important that we select the correct customized t.shirts for our business. We should take into account all the above factors in deciding the same.

The round neck t-shirt shown above was made for a car washing company called ‘START FRESH’ based in Chennai. It is a new venture by a group of youngsters. Their employees will be wearing these uniform tees so as to give a professional look. The tshirts are made in polyester/jersey type of fabrics. This fabric will be easy to maintain and comfortable to wear and work.

Get in touch with SK T-Shirts to get custom printed t.shirts as per your need at very reasonable rates. They also do very quick deliveries all over India.

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Business marketing tips: How to improve customer loyalty of a business? By gifting them quality custom printed t.shirts!

marketing tips: to improve customer loyalty, give custom printed t.shirts
Custom printed t.shirt to improve customer loyalty of a business

How customer loyalty can be improved by using customised t.shirts?Researchers have shown that customers are willing to stick around with those companies that have created great experience for them.

Instead of just depending on advertisements, or events give print t-shirts as a freebie on minimum purchase of any of their product. It helps to retain old customers and make new customers feel special. You can check out SK T-shirts for various types or models of custom printed t.shirts.

How do you choose correct t.shirt model or style suitable for our line of business? We can select suitable t-shirt design depending upon the business you are doing. For example if you are into selling mobile phones, you can select round neck t.shirts as latest mobile phones with up to date features are mainly bought by youth. They prefer a casual round neck t.shirt than a polo or collar t.shirt. You can discuss with SK T.shirts , the top manufacturers of custom t.shirts for the options available in models.

How to decide the colors of the t.shirts? You can have any color in tune with either your business house colors or the color of the products you are selling. For example if your company name contains red and yellow, you can think of red t.shirts with printing in yellow color. Likewise you can plan and ask for help from SK Tshirts who will explain you the making of t.shirts for you to understand the process and take a call.

How the custom made t-shirts help in promoting our new Brand/products/services? Custom made t.shirts done by SK T-shirts, with our product logo and details are mainly used by our staff and workers as uniform who will act as our mobile bill boards spreading the news about the company or business all around the place.

Why SK T-shirts are the best in making custom made t-shirts? As they are in this business for the past 25 years with their own state of the art t-shirt factory, they can cater to any type of requirement of the customers at very short notice. They have a well experienced team for all processes.

What is the minimum quantity that can be ordered? Though minimum order quantity with SK Tshirts is 100 pieces, lesser numbers can also be made on specific requests.

What is the cost of a customised t.shirt? It depends upon the style, fabric, quantity, print design etc. The approximate range would be from Rs.100/- each to Rs.400/- each based on many factors.

Wish to see sample images of the t-shirts? Please check out the gallery section of the website to see lot of t.shirt photos.

SK T-Shirts have ready stock of fabric for all types of t.shirts in basic colors like white, black, navy blue, royal blue, red, maroon, grey heather, yellow, desert sand, sky blue, hunter green, aqua blue, ivory and black mélange. Other specific colors can also be supplied provided the quantity is 100 pieces or more per color and sufficient delivery time is given. The t.shirts cost will also be little higher.

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