Custom made Chinese collar t-shirt in cotton with logo print

Custom made Chinese collar t-shirt in cotton with logo print
Chinese neck t-shirt with logo print

Where to get Custom Chinese collar t-shirts made ? SK Tshirts in Tirupur are the best place for Chinese neck and all other t-shirts.

The attached Chinese collar/neck t-shirt was made for ‘Esteem Employment Agency’, for their customers.These are made of cotton fabrics for that flexibility and comfort and the company name and tagline were printed at front and back.

The logo/name/slogan can be printed at front and back and on the masks as per your requirement. They do have their own designer to help you out in designing also.

What is the minimum order quantity of SK t-shirts?

They take orders from 100 pieces for t-shirts and 200 pieces for masks onwards and deliver on time every time.

Do they Deliver anywhere in India or abroad?

Delivery at Chennai,Bangalore, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Cochin, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi and all over India. They can be delivered anywhere in India by courier or India postal services. Also export to other countries like Singapore, Malaysia,Dubai, Qatar, UAE etc

All styles and types of round neck tshirts, collar tshirts, polo tshirts, ladies tops etc can be made as per the choices of the customers.

Please call 99945 55774 or mail:

Best place for Custom t-shirt printing in bulk?

Best place for Custom t-shirt printing in bulk? Delivery at Chennai, Bangalore, Trichy, Thanjavur, all over India

Which is the best place for Custom t-shirt printing in bulk?

SK TShirts,based in Tirupur of Tamilnadu – is the best place to order Custom t-shirt printing in bulk.

Do they make all styles and varieties of t shirts?

They make all types of Tshirts with custom print at best rates. Custom jersey t-shirts and cotton t shirts for all kinds of promotion activities, uniforms, sports events, team sports, Jallikattu and marathon like activities.

Do they deliver at our place?

They deliver at all places all over India like Chennai, Bangalore etc. and export to abroad also to Singapore, Malaysia and many more countries.

All styles of jersey tshirts – round neck, collar, ladies tops, jackets, track pants etc can be made as per the design of the clients. Jersey materials like honey comb, selina, nirmal knit and so on can be used to make the jerseys according to the purpose of the event and target rates.

The above Chinese neck t.shirt in yellow color were made in cotton fabric with the brand name and logo printed at front, sleeve and back for a coaching centre in Jamner, Maharashtra.

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