Top custom t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur

Top custom t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur – sk tshirts are one of the leading custom tshirt makers having state of the art factory and delivers at chennai, bangalore and all over india.

collar t.shirts, round neck tshirts, sports jerseys etc with company logo, name, team names etc are made at very reasonable rates in good qualities.

All variety of t-shirts are made in Cotton, poly-cotton and polyester fabrics are manufactured as per your design.


The rates will be around Rs.150/- to Rs.370/- each depending upon the quantity, fabric, quality, print designs etc.

custom tshirts

The above was made for a company in Bangalore dealing in Intel products for their sales promotion activities.

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Brand promotion t shirts makers

Sk Enterprise – brand promotion t shirts makers having state of the art factory at Tirupur. Brand promotion t-shirts in cotton, polyester shall be made with the brand’s logo, name, tag lines, messages printed on the tshirt in front, back and sleeves as per the requirements of the customers.

They can be made at very cheap rates starting from Rs.75/- each and can be delivered very fast. Even thousands of pieces shall be manufactured and supplied all over India.

brand promotion t-shirt

These Google t-shirts were made for a distributor of computers in Chennai.

These t-shirts are available in all basic colors like white, black, navy blue, orange, yellow etc.