Manufacturers of backpacks with custom logo print or embroidery

Manufacturers of             backpacks with custom logo print or embroidery, Sk-tshirts
Backpack with logo print

Have you noticed people carrying around backpacks everywhere? Not only youngsters, all age group people prefer backpacks these days as they are so comfortable to carry all their items to their work place or college or travel etc.

As people need to move out of their work place to work sites or for a meeting outside, backpacks are the best to take along their essentials like laptops, note books, water bottles, stationery etc.

Backpacks offer a perfect solution for people from all walks of life – be it a student, worker, software professional, sales man, sportsmen etc. to move around with ease and still carry their important tools.

Uses of Backpacks:

  1. For backpacks, it all starts with utility and ends with versatility.  SK Tshirts offers a wide range of backpack styles and colors .  You can design any type of pocket configuration to hold those specific items you wish to carry around on a regular basis or for a specific purpose.
  2. A backpack can fit all your basic essentials. Whether you need a change of clothes to hit the gym during lunch break or so? Or wish to carry the laptop around an office with lot of floors or buildings? Or want to bring your own lunch and water bottle? All these and much more can fit in a backpack! A backpack can carry everything your team needs on hand. 
  3. Brand Promotion: Backpacks are a great tool to promote you brand. The logo and tagline can be printed as shown in the above picture or it can be embroidered. No one can miss to notice the logo once done on the front pocket of the backpacks. It will look good and appealing. As everyone is using backpacks, it will be a great gift to give your valuable customers and well-wishers.
  4. They are great employee gifts: The employees carry their backpacks wherever they go as it contains their essential items like wallet, mobiles, chargers, note books, lap top etc. Thus the brand name is visible all the time whether they are at work or outside. So it acts as a super value brand promotion tool!
  5. Long life and so long time promotion: As the life of backpacks are very much more compared to any other gifts corporates give normally like pens, note books etc. Unlike t-shirts where it can be used only by the concerned employee, backpacks can be used by anyone in the family and thus making it a universal gifts for all seasons and everyone.

Please get in touch with SK T.shirts for all your backpack needs.

They are available in all styles, colors and designs and they can be customised with printing or embroidery of company logo or any other matter.

The price ranges from Rs.300/- to 1200/- depending upon the quantity, material, style & design, printing matter etc.

The backpacks are made of quality nylon material for durability and utility.

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