Preschool Play school bags manufacturer with custom printing

Preschool Play school  bags manufacturer with custom logo printing: Leading school bags manufacturer – SK TShirts are also into school bag manufacturing along with school uniform tshirts. They are made and delivered at Chennai, Bangalore and all India.

These school bags are made of first quality nylon fabric in bright and vibrant colors so as to go with your school colors.

The price range varies from Rs.150/- each to Rs.300/- each depending upon the size, style and printing work.

This school bag was made for ‘ YELLO’ preschool and day care in Bangalore. These bags have pouches for water bottle, pencil boxes and also for name card. And they have shoulder straps for easy carrying by the school children. The school logo and name have been printed.

Preschool Play school bags manufacturer with custom printing, Sk-tshirts

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