Customised Sportswear Jersey Dri-Fit Tshirts Manufacturers and Exporters

Customised Sportswear Jersey Dri-Fit Tshirts Manufacturers and Exporters, Sk-tshirts
Custom Sportswear jersey Tshirt

Custom made sportswear jersey dry fit collar tshirt manufacturer – SK Tshirts are one of the leading and top makers of custom tshirts in dry-fit and jersey material for domestic supply and export to Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, UAE, Seychelles etc.

All styles of jersey tshirts – round neck, collar, ladies tops, jackets, track pants etc can be made as per the design of the clients. Jersey materials like honey comb, selina, nirmal knit and so on can be used to make the jerseys according to the purpose of the event and target rates.

The above jersey in yellow color was made for a customer in UK for their team events held every year. This full sleeve jersey was made in light dri-fit fabric. This type of fabric helps evaporate your sweat away from the fabric surface and from your body. Therefore, athletes and sportsmen prefer to wear DriFIT since they feel comfortable and dry. 

Front the team name and logo are printed and at the back player name and number can be printed.

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