CDC now recommends public to cover their faces The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now recommending that members of the public wear a cloth face covering when out in the community – when social distancing is challenging to maintain. Wear a face covering when going to the grocery store, pharmacy or other similar settings.

We make two models of reusable hosiery masks that can be used for covering face and mouth. Effective against pollution, dust, sun, etc. All fabrics are:
1. 100 % cotton.
2. Uni sex
3.Comfortable ear loops – stretchable and so fits all.
4. Washable and reusable

Model 1 :
Two layered fabric masks.
Model 2 :
Inner layer – mesh; outer layer – fabric, so better filtration.
Light weight: as the inner layer is made of only mesh, weight of the mask is lighter and so comfortable for long hours.
Better aesthetic look

Instructions to Use
Step 1 – Wash your hands before wearing a mask.
Step 2 – Hold ear strings by your hands, face the concave side.
Step 3 – Pull the strings over your ears, cover your nose, mouth & chin with the mask properly.
Step 4 – Remove the mask from behind by holding strings with clean hands.
• Change the mask if there is difficulty in breathing.
• Store the mask in a dry place and away from sunlight.
• Wash hand before and after every use. • For individual use, not to be shared.
• Mask needs to be discarded after 30 washes.

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