How can you make your school or college Alumni meets memorable and purposeful? Simply with Customised T.Shirts and few more steps.

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How can you make your school or college Alumni meets memorable and purposeful?

The first and foremost important thing for an alumni meet is to design and order Customised apparel, preferably t.shirts . T.shirts are one of the sought after comfortable casual wear suitable for both genders – men and ladies and also kids if they are participating , for these kind of occasions.

The best place to order for customized t.shirts, tops, hoodies and caps is SK T.Shirts. They not only help in designing the t.shirts but also make as per our design and deliver any where in India.

Apart form making customized t.shirts with SK T.Shirts, there are so many ways to make our Alumni meets special and purposeful. Please find a few below.

  1. Donating money.
  2. Volunteering on committees and boards.
  3. Attending on-campus events to give back to the university community.
  4. Mentoring current students.
  5. Supporting recent graduates as they start their career.
  6. Giving back to the alumni community.

Let us see one by one in detail:

Donating Money: We can arrange to donate money for our Alma mater for its most required need. We can discuss the various needs of the alma mater with the management or the Head of the institution and decide on the most relevant requirement that may fall within our budget. It may be a small requirement like buying few laptops or computers or big one like building a block itself to accommodate growing strength of the institution.

Volunteering on committees and boards: The school or college may have various committees and boards that help in managing the affairs of the institute. Many of our alumni must be having a lot of expertise in specific areas like auditing, teaching, curriculum framing etc. and can very much contribute in those areas.

Attending on-campus events to give back to the university community: The Alma mater will be conducting a lot of on-campus events in different areas for the welfare of the students. And our Alumni friends can participate in them and help the management and the institute in elevating the events to better levels.

Mentoring current students: As each one of the Alumni friends would be an expert on their own fields, they can very well mentor the current students of the institute in their chosen department and fields. This help in developing the caliber of the outgoing students and give them an upper level in their placement activities also.

Supporting recent graduates as they start their career: Many of the alumni friends must be having their own business or industry and so they can absorb the current students in giving in-plant training/ apprenticeships etc.

Giving back to the alumni community: Not only to the alma mater, alumni can help one another in giving business opportunities among themselves as many of them will be having their own business or industry.

How can we choose the customized t.shirts for the Alumni meets?

SK T.Shirts help you to decide the type of t.shirts for your meet. They have different options in styles, fabrics, prints etc. And you can design to include the logo of the institute first and then any other matter like groups name, year of passing, tag line of your college/school if any etc. They have all types of fabric choices and print /embroidery varieties and you can check with them for all your doubts & queries.

Do they deliver to our place and on time?

They do deliver on time and every time. And they deliver all over India and even abroad.

Can we see few models or images of their t.shirts before ordering them?

Yes. Please check out their gallery section of the website or their Fb page for lot of t.shirt and other images.

What about the t.shirt shown above?

The above t.shirts have been made for the Alumni meet of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School students of Chennai held recently. This t.shirt has been made in polyester jersey fabric as they wanted a very cost effective t.shirt in order to accommodate within their sharp budget. But the t.shirt has come out very well in jersey fabric with contrast collar and the logo printed by sublimation printing.

Thank you Mr Ashok for organizing and ordering the t.shirts.

Please get in touch with SK T.Shirts for all your customised apparel requirements.

Plan your alumni meets and enjoy unlimited fun, frolic !

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