Hotel Uniform T-shirts manufacturers and suppliers

Hotel Uniform T-shirts manufacturers and suppliers, Sk-tshirts

Sk Tshirts are one of the best Hotel uniform T.shirts manufacturer and suppliers. They make t-shirt uniform for Hotel/ Catering/Restaurant workers. They are the leading hotel uniform t.shirt manufacturer based in Tirupur, Tamilnadu.

T-shirts can be delivered to all places like Chennai, Bangalore and any where in India and abroad.

The above tshirts are made for ‘AN-NUR’ restaurant for their staff and workers. They are made of poly-cotton fabric and the name and logo are printed at front and back.

All types of uniform t-shirts for all kind of businesses are made in Cotton and polyester fabrics and the company logo and name printed or embroidered as per your design.

This polo tshirt was made in poly-cotton for a restaurant chain called which have branches all over India.

As they are made in our own factory at Tirupur, the rates and quality are the best in the city.

The rates will be around Rs.150/- to Rs.370/- each depending upon the quantity, fabric, quality, print designs etc.

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