How to select the correct uniform T-shirts for our employees?

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How to select the correct uniform t.shirts for our employees?

At the outset, your employees or staff should like the t.shirts that you will be giving them. Then only they will wear them regularly.

The uniform customised t-shirts represent your company’s image also. Hence we should be careful when selecting them.

1. Material of the t-shirts: The t.shirts are available in many types of fabrics. They are cotton, poly-cotton, blended fabrics, polyester or jersey and so on.

Based on our business or industry activity, we have to choose the material. Ask more details about the materials of the t.shirts with  SK T-shirts and then you decide on the right t.shirts.

2. Color of the t-shirts: It is also very important, as the color of the t.shirt should match with the logo colors of the company.

We should use proper t.shirts colors in tune with the type of business or industry.

To give you an example: food delivery or restaurant chains prefer red color. As Red is the most preferred color all over the world for food related businesses. Another example is resorts and farmhouses: we can use greens and yellows as it represents nature.

Please see the ‘gallery’ section of ‘SK T-Shirts’ website for more images of t.shirts.

3. T-shirt model or style: There are lots of choices available in t.shirts. Correct selection of model is important as it reflects the image of the company or business. So we have to select the right type of t.shirts like round neck or Polo or collar t.shirts depending upon the industry.

For each business we have to make certain type. Game or fun oriented industries like theme parks we can use normal round neck t.shirts.

Hoodies/sweat shirts can be used for casinos, game studios, parlors etc.

Please check out ‘Products’ section of SK T.shirts for various models and styles of custom t.shirts.

The customised t.shirts in the image given above are made for ‘START FRESH’ – a company engaged in car servicing & cleaning services in Chennai. As their work involves physical labour along with use of some vacuum machines, it is better to go for casual round neck t.shirts which will be comfortable for the workers to wear while doing physical work like cleaning etc. Also the fabric used is jersey polyester fabric. Because it is easy to maintain, they can just wash and wear, no need to iron and all. The color also will not fade out and they can use it for a longer time. The color of the tshirt has been chosen as light grey to go with the type of work they do , pleasing to look and the logo will also look out prominently on light grey. The logo has been printed on it by plastisol printing.

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