Children T-Shirts

SK-Tshirts is your one-stop destination for high-quality children’s t-shirt printing. We understand the importance of creating personalized and unique t-shirts for kids that reflect their individuality and style. With our state-of-the-art printing techniques and a wide range of vibrant colors, we can bring any design to life on our premium t-shirts.

We use only the finest quality materials, making our t-shirts comfortable to wear and long-lasting. Whether you need t-shirts for a school event, birthday party, or any other occasion, we have got you covered. Let your child’s imagination soar with SK-Tshirts’ children’s t-shirt printing services.

Dance school uniform t shirt with printing

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

SK T-shirts are into manufacturing Dance school uniform t shirt with printing. All styles and types of T-Shirts for dance classes in cotton or jersey materials for all age groups from kids to adults are made as per the requirement of the customer.

We are into manufacturing T Shirts for dance classes for students and instructors in cotton or jersey materials for all age groups from kids to adults and as per the requirement of the customer.

Best Play School Uniforms

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

SK Tshirts are one of the best in making school uniform T-shirts who deliver All Over India.

We make all kinds of school T-Shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, sport wear, sports jerseys, track pants etc. in all materials – cotton matte, jersey polyester, super poly fabrics.

School & College Uniform T Shirt Manufacturer With Custom Printing

SK Tshirts are one of the Best and one of the top School & College uniform t shirt manufacturer with custom printing in India. We are the leading preschool , play school, uniform T-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur of Tamilnadu. We make school uniform t-shirts, pants, skirts, hoodies etc and Export to many countries apart from delivering in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and all over India.

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

The attached polo T-Shirt was made and donated for a community event in Himachal Pradesh. The theme of the event has been printed at the back. These T-Shirts have been made in 180 GSM cotton fabric.

All variety uniform t-shirts are made in Cotton and polyester fabrics and the company logo and name printed or embroidered as per your design.

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

This tshirt was made for ‘Sishir Play school in 100% cotton fabric with contrast collar and sleeve cuffs, a leading pre-school in Bangalore. The school logo has been printed at the front and in bigger size at the back.

It is made of 100% cotton to give comfort and coolness to the kids.

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

These sports t.shirts are made of polyester jersey honey comb material which is very light and comfortable for the kids. They can play around with these t.shirts as the body sweat evaporates through the holes in the fabric leaving the tshirt always dry and airy. The school logo was embroidered in the front and the school name printed at the backside.

Pre-School Uniform Manufacturer

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

Pre school uniform t-shirt manufacturer in India. This colourful t-shirt and pant uniforms were made for ‘Yello play school and day care’ in Bangalore. These are made of poly-cotton fabric for comfort and long life. The school logo, name are rubber printed at the chest. The collar and sleeve cuffs are made in contrast color with tipping to make the uniform unique and attractive for children.

Pre School Play School T.shirt Uniform, Sk-tshirts

The attached uniform T-Shirt in white and green color collar and sleeve cuffs was made for ‘ Scholar’s Eden Play School’ in Vellore, Tamilnadu. These were made in 100% cotton fabric and the school logo was printed at the front and back of the tshirt.

School Uniform Tshirt , Sk-tshirts

Pre School And Play School Uniform Tshirt, Shorts, Pants Manufacturer In India. This tshirt was made for Pitter Patter Pre-school i, a leading pre-school in Bangalore. It is made of 100% cotton to give comfort and coolness to the kids.

Round Neck Jersey/T-Shirt With Custom Printing

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

Best place to order Custom jersey t-shirts for all kinds of promotion activities, uniforms, sports events, team sports, Jallikattu and marathon like activities and deliver at all over India and exported abroad to Singapore, Malaysia and many more countries also.

All styles of jersey tshirts – round neck, collar, ladies tops, jackets, track pants etc. can be made as per the design of the clients. Jersey materials like honey comb, selina, nirmal knit and so on can be used to make the jerseys according to the purpose of the event and target rates.

The above T-shirt in black color were made in polyester jersey fabric with the brand name and logo printed at front, sleeve and back for our regular client ‘Sterling Perfumes LLC’, Dubai for their Brand and sales promotion activities.

This half sleeve round neck jersey was made in light dri-fit polyester lycra fabric. This type of fabric helps evaporate your sweat away from the fabric surface and from your body. And the lycra/ elastane makes it more flexible and fits around the body well. Therefore, athletes and sportsmen prefer to wear Dri–FIT since they feel comfortable and dry. Front of the T-shirt, the logo is printed and at the back the event name.

Custom Tshirt For Children , Sk-tshirts

SK Tshirts manufacture jersey and cotton round neck T-Shirts in all colors at their factory at Tirupur in Tamilnadu.

Round neck T-Shirts of all qualities and thickness like 180 gsm, 160 gsm, 140 gsm are made in polyester / jersey or cotton fabrics as per the need of the customer.

They are made of combed or semi-combed yarns made from latest state of the art spinning mills. The above yellow cotton jersey round neck tshirt was manufactured for ‘The Little Gym’ of Chennai for their class children. They are made of 180 gsm cotton fabric and the design is printed by plastisol printing as the design is a multi color one. The price depends upon the quality and quantity of the order.

Uniform Polo Collar Tshirts In Jersey Material For Dance / Sports / Art / Yoga Classes

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

SK T-shirts, based in Tirupur, India is one of the leading uniform t-shirt manufacturer for dance, sports, art and yoga classes and deliver at all places like Goa, Chennai, Bangalore within India and exported abroad also to Muscat, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar, UAE etc.

All types of uniform t-shirts for all kind of businesses are made in Cotton and polyester fabrics and the company logo and name printed or embroidered as per your design.

This attached polo tshirt was made in poly-cotton jersey fabric in fluorescent green color for the archery class ‘VILL’ as Uniform T-shirts for their students in Chennai. Their logo and name were printed in the chest, front and sleeve. As they are made in our own factory at Tirupur, the rates and quality are the best in the city.

Kids T-shirts With Custom Printing

Children T-Shirts, Sk-tshirts

Kids tshirts with Custom tshirt printing is done at SK Tshirts in Tirupur who delivers all over India. Any quantity from 50 pieces onwards can be done. All variety custom t-shirts like round neck T-shirts, polo T-shirts etc. are made in Cotton and polyester fabrics and the chest print designs, company logo and name printed or embroidered as per your design.

This T-shirt was made for a family function at Chennai with the names of all the kids were printed with an adjective. The print design was screen printed on the T-shirt.

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