Sports Jerseys For Australia!

Sports Jerseys for Australia with logos, individual names and numbers printed!

Sports Jerseys For Australia!, Sk-tshirts     Sports Jerseys For Australia!, Sk-tshirts

Mr Raajesh Arunachalam from Melbourne, Australia wanted to customise sports jerseys for his team to participate in their upcoming sports meet and in his search found ‘SK Tshirts’ as the best place to design and make their choice of jerseys.

With their inputs, we designed their full sleeve jerseys in Lemon yellow and Royal blue colors with panel works. We agreed to their request to print their teams members individual names and numbers also at the back of the jerseys along with the logo, team name and sponsor name in the front.

We completed the order on time and shipped the jerseys directly to Australia.

Raajesh was so happy to receive them on time and as per his design!


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